Providing a truly world-class SEO service in Perth

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and refers to the process of altering a website in such a way that it ranks highly for specific searches. In today's competitive market, it is essential to use Search Engine Optimisation to ensure that your business is found online. At Right Hat we understand what Google looks for when ranking websites. Using the very latest search engine optimisation techniques and providing excellent customer service and communication, Right Hat provides a truly world-class SEO service for your Perth business. At Right Hat SEO we strive to be completely transparent about the work we will do and how it will give your website maximum online exposure for your target market.

Why invest in SEO for your Perth Business?

Investing in SEO is wise as there is an increasing number of people are using the internet as a tool to research products and services. If you don't invest in search engine optimisation then you could be missing out on a large portion of your potential customers. It is important to choose the correct company to work with to ensure the best return on investment. At Right Hat we are completely transparent about your return on investment throughout your entire SEO campaign, providing reports on both your website's traffic and it's rank for the targeted keywords.

Step One: Target the What People are Searching in Perth

We start by compiling a list of the terms people are searching which are relevant to your industry and location. This will give you a very accurate estimate of the number of visitors a search term can potentially generate for your website. After compiling a list of relevant highly searched terms, we then analyse the level of competition for each of the chosen searches. The more websites competing for a search, the more difficult it is to rank highly in this search. We will determine which search terms have the best search volume to competition ratio and target these in your SEO campaign.

Step Two: Create Optimised Content for your Perth Business's Website

When Google ranks websites it is looking for content which appears to be written by someone who really knows their subject. When someone who is an authority on a subject writes an article they use certain "niche vocabulary". That is, they use words and phrases that actually define the topic. Two pages which are written on the same topic will share a certain percentage of niche vocabulary. In order to make the content on your website as relative and reliable as possible, we will collect and analyse the common keyword phrases used in the top 10 pages for your website's target search. We will then use these keywords to create content which Google deems to be highly relevant to your target searches. This results in more visitors for your website and more customers for your business!

Step Three: Off-Page Link Building

Google can't read the content on a website and judge how useful it is, only a person can do this. Google works around this by looking at links which are pointing to your website. Google operates under the assumption that a person will only link to a website if they have found the content on this website to be useful. The more links which point to a website the higher the quality is deemed to be. A website with high quality content will always rank higher than a website with poor quality content.

Step Four: Track your Results and the Work Being Done

To be as transparent as possible, every month we will send you a detailed report showing you every link which we have been built for your website. You can then go through the list of website addresses and even visit the website to see the link yourself! We will also track your website's rank for the targeted keywords and the amount of traffic your website is receiving. This way we can accurately measure the success of your SEO campaign and your return on investment.